Nodejs bindings updated for 7.2

Hi everyone! Quick announcement post: I’ve just published version 2 of the foundationdb nodejs bindings.

It has the following changes:

  • Windows support has been removed pending this issue being resolved in the windows MSI build. (tldr; there’s a file missing in the windows installer image).
  • I’ve updated node-foundationdb to work with version 7.2 of foundationdb. You can setAPIVersion(720) if you want to enable these features. (Older API versions are still supported).
    • Lots of option flags have been added
    • We now support the getEstimatedRangeSizeBytes and getRangeSplitPoints APIs.
  • node-foundationdb now bundles a native apple silicon build. If you’re working natively on macos, this should just work out of the box. (But make sure you install the arm version of foundationdb).
  • Some other little fixes - eg we now do a better job preserving key/value transformers when using the directory layer.
  • There’s currently no support for tenants in node-foundationdb.

Check it out if any of this stuff interests you! Version 1.1.4 still works fine, and is recommended if you need windows support. You can also keep using 1.1.4 if you’re using an older version of foundationdb and you have any problems using the new builds. (The rules for version compatibility always confuse me). But unless we find any security issues, version 1.x of node-foundationdb will not receive any further updates.