How can i get the latest foundationdb binaries inline with github?

Hi Team ,
The latest binaries available for foundationdb on this page is 6.2.15. But in github the latest release is How can I get the latest release build ?

It’s actually somewhat intentional that the Downloads page lags behind what releases are tagged in github, as additional qualification is done on release builds before publishing them.

In this particular case, we cut a 6.2.16 release, and then shortly thereafter realized a change made FDB accidentally no longer respect environment variables for TLS settings. Thus, 6.2.17 was created, which is currently being built and qualified. You can save yourself some potential hassle by waiting a bit to run 6.2.17 until the qualification is done, and you’ll know when the qualification process has finished when the downloads page gets updated.

Thanks @alexmiller for detailed response :+1:

Is there any way to get the latest binaries from github? I wanted to try out the latest build to see if it fixed some of the issues I’ve been seeing with high tail latencies, but building a .deb from source is a bit of a pain and so I ended up giving up and just waiting for the next release.

There are no officially produced and released binaries off of master currently available.

Anyone that well-meaningly upgraded an existing cluster to a build from master would likely irreparably break their database, because there’s no master -> master upgrade path available. We only promise compatibility for release branches of FDB, which is what gets published to the downloads page. There’s probably still some way to eventually reasonably offer binaries from master, but it would require a good deal of thought and concern about how to strongly caution well meaning folk from upgrading to a master build.

Sweet makes sense, thanks for the replies folks!