FoundationDB 6.1.8 Released

(Evan Tschannen) #1

The FoundationDB 6.1.8 release is now available for download on the FDB website.

More info is included in the official release announcement:

Feel free to ask questions about any of the features included in this release.

As a reminder, it is possible to upgrade a FoundationDB cluster with no downtime using the multi-version client (see Upgrading FoundationDB).

(gaurav) #2

Thanks for this! Could we please get the java client lib jar published on maven central?

(Evan Tschannen) #3

We should get all the client libraries published to public package managers shortly.

(Alvin Moore) #4

The java client lib has been published on Maven Central but it may take some time for their servers to allow it to become available and searchable.

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(Austin Seipp) #5

I’ve updated the corresponding packages in Nixpkgs, making 6.1.8 officially available in the unstable channel. (It will be a little time before the resulting binary packages are available.)