How to adjust fdb.cluster automatically when the coordinator is changed

Is there any automatic mechanism to adjust the fdb.cluster file automatically when some coordinator crashed and change to other new coordinator with new IP address?
Now we are running fdb in k8s environment and also want to introduce such automatic mechanism in cloud environment. Any suggestion? Thanks!

fdbcli coordinators auto will automatically adjust.
fdbcli coordinator can change CD to specific node. cluster file will be updated by fdb.

Thanks a lot! Is it for bare metal environment or also apply for K8S environment?
E.g if there are 10 pods with 1 fdb server in each pod. If the solution can also modify the fdb.cluster file in other pods automatically? Thanks!

Our assumption is:
On bare metal, each process has its own data folder, typically naming by their ports;
On k8s, we use one fdbserver per pod.

fdb works in both environments.

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Thank you so much! We will try it.