How to change datacenter_id?

Hello. I’m looking for a right way of renaming a datacenter.

Suppose, I have a three node fdb cluster without any regions configured. At the database creation time the datacenter_id parameter in foundationdb.conf had the value dummy. This name has been remembed in the fdb at least in \xff/tagLocalityList/ keyspace, maybe also somewhere in another place.

Now I want to setup multiple regions and datacenters, and I want to call my first datacenter with some more meaningfull name, for example, dcfrankfurt1.

After restarting foundationdb with the new name in the datacenter_id parameter and configuring regions and datacenters with desirable names seems everything works. Until I’m trying to change usable_regions.

Changing usable_regions causes full data loss in my fdb

So my approach of renaming the datacenter was not right. What is the right way of doing it?