How to keep PV data after upgrade from volumeClaim to volumeClaimTemplate

Hello experts, our clients used volumeClaim to define storageclass in the old apple operator release like 0.48.0, but now we will upgrade to 1.4.1 v1beta2, but found volumeClaim was removed, after upgrade to new 1.4.1 and use volumeClaimTemplate, the old pv was deleted, new pvc was created, that means the old data in pv is lost,how could we ensure data won’t lost after upgrade ? kindly advise. thank you.

v1beta1 supports volumeClaimTemplates before doing the update to the v1beta2 CRD you should convert all volumeClaim definitions to volumeClaimTemplates.

See: fdb-kubernetes-operator/foundationdbcluster_types.go at main · FoundationDB/fdb-kubernetes-operator · GitHub