Introducing Warp 10 3.0, the first and only production ready TSDB backed by FoundationDB

As part of the recent 3.0 release of Warp 10 we refactored the storage backend to switch from HBase to FoundationDB.

This makes Warp 10 the first and, to the best of our knowledge, only production ready time series solution backed by FoundationDB.

We just published a blog post about setting up a Standalone+ instance of Warp 10 backed by FoundationDB.

Warp 10 is an Open Source Time Series Platform started in 2013 and heavily used across industries as diverse as aeronautics, manufacturing, healthcare and energy.

Any comments and questions welcome.


Wavefront’s TSDB is on top of FoundationDB since 2013 (also ported from HBase) :slight_smile: but not open source so this is great!

This is incredible! As intensive users of Warp10 and foundationDB, we are extremely happy to see this happening.

Congratulation for the portability!!

For those who don’t know Warp10 yet, you might have a look, because it comes with its specific language (warplib) that have extented capabilities to manipulate timeseries data.

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