Is it normal for two fdbminitor processes to be running on 1 machine?

I’m runnning “configure new single ssd” on a single machine with two fdbservers in the configuration file.

## Default parameters for individual fdbserver processes
command = /usr/sbin/fdbserver
logdir = /var/log/foundationdb

## An individual fdbserver process with id 4500
## Parameters set here override defaults from the [fdbserver] section
public_address = 3.141.XXX:4500
listen_address =
datadir = /var/lib/foundationdb/data/4500

public_address = 3.141.XX:4501
listen_address =
datadir = /var/lib/foundationdb/data/4501

I am able to connect to both if I telnet to the the ip and port of both. But when I do status it shows one of them is unreachable.

Could not communicate with a quorum of coordination servers:
  3.141.XXX:4500  (reachable)
  3.141.XX:4501  (unreachable)

How do I debug this? How do I determine what the problem is?

     ├─57863 /usr/lib/foundationdb/fdbmonitor --conffile /etc/foundationdb/foundationdb.conf --lockfile /var/run/ --daemonize
     ├─57865 /usr/sbin/fdbserver --cluster_file /etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster --datadir /var/lib/foundationdb/data/4500 --listen_address --logdir /var/log/foundationdb --public_address 3.14>
     ├─57866 /usr/sbin/fdbserver --cluster_file /etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster --datadir /var/lib/foundationdb/data/4501 --listen_address --logdir /var/log/foundationdb --public_address 3.14>
     └─57892 /usr/lib/foundationdb/fdbmonitor --conffile /etc/foundationdb/foundationdb.conf --lockfile /var/run/ --daemonize

also doing “service foundationdb status” shows two fdbmonitor processes running, is this normal? Seems like it should only run 1 fdbmonitor but documentation doesn’t make this clear.