Is it possible to fetch two different keys using "fdb_transaction_get_range" API in C program

What are the possible ways to fetch two different keys using FDB.

For example,
Key2: “Hello”

Is it possible to get above two topics alone using getrange API?
I know, it’s storing lexicographical order and so far i know , it can fetch only start and end key with similar order. Just to understand is there any provision added ?

Range reads could fetch a range that contained both keys, but it would also fetch any keys that happened to fall between them. It also may not be able to fetch the entire range if the range is too big to read in a 5 second window.

If you just want to read these two particular keys, the recommended approach is to do single key gets, which can be done simultaneously. For example, in python you would do:

val1 = tr[b'test']
val2 = tr[b'Hello']