Need to understand read/write rate in Hz


How to should I co-relate this to reads/sec ,write per/sec

Read rate - 2818 Hz
Write rate - 11268 Hz
Transactions started - 1413 Hz
Transactions committed - 1409 Hz
Conflict rate - 0 Hz

(Alex Miller) #2

I think the intention was that since 1 Hz = 1/s, transactions being 1409Hz means you’re getting 1409 transactions per second.

(Steve Atherton) #3

If you want bytes per second of read and write, look at the output of status json at these locations:


I am merely interested in how to find how much write per second has been performed


(Steve Atherton) #5

My answer above will give you only the current read and write bytes per second. There is no built-in way to look up what the write rate has been in the past. For that, you would need to use an external tool to log metrics over time from machine-readable (JSON) status for later reference.