Transaction & Conflict Rates

In the FDB CLI tool, the status commands shows the fields “Transactions started”, “Transactions committed”, and “Conflict rate”. What are the exact meanings of these? I don’t explicitly cancel any of my transactions, and yet I have the following values:

Transactions started: 43230 Hz
Transactions committed: 9569 Hz
Conflict rate: 0 Hz

If I’m not having any conflicts, why aren’t all the transactions committing? I want to adjust my mental model for these numbers.

Read-only transactions are counted in the started metric but not the committed. Would that match your workload?

Specifically, started refers to transactions that obtain a read version (explicitly, by reading a key, or committing). Committed transactions are those that have at least 1 mutation (or a write conflict range) and were successfully committed. The conflicted transactions are those where a commit was attempted but did not succeed (due to a conflict or I think possibly also from being too old).

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Yup, this matches my workload. Thanks.