Opensourcing Record-Store

Hi everyone :wave:

Lately, I have been playing a lot with my ETCD-Layer that is using the Record-Layer. Thanks to it, I was able to bootstrap my ETCD-layer very quickly, but I was not using a tenth of the capacities of this library. So I decided to go deeper. What would a gRPC abstraction of the Record-Layer look like? I’m very happy to opensource the Record-Store :partying_face:

You can find more infos on the Github Pages, it is packaging all the great things about the RL and exposing them through gRPC(and soon GraphQL) with multi-tenancy, encryption and security enabled.

It was design to enable such workflow for the developers:

  1. Opening KeySpace, for example prod/users
  2. Create a protobuf definition which will be used as schema
  3. Upsert schema
  4. Push records
  5. Query records
  6. Delete records

You need another KeySpace to store another type of data, or maybe a KeySpace dedicated for a dev environment? Juste open it and you are good to go!

Work is far from done, but I think it has reached the point where it can be seen. Next steps are working on GraphQL and clients.

Thanks again for RL’s developers to release such a library, I’m having a lot of fun playing with it despite 2020.


This is great! I really like the idea of having a stateless service that just provides the functionality of a layer (and if I understand this correctly, this is what you’re doing?). It is a powerful concept, and you can even use fdbmonitor to start your record-store servers :wink:

Thanks a lot! You are right, thanks to fdb, it is a stateless Vertx app running on top of FDB :wink:

Ooooooh, looks like fun, I will try it :smile: Thanks!