Setting up TLS for backup agent

Hi folks,

I have been playing with backup_agent and fdbbackup on a local cluster running in Mac to test s3 backups but couldn’t get it to work no matter what I tried. I created cert, key and pem files as instructed in the TLS section of the website, set them as parameters for backup_agent command under backup_agent section of the conf file and even provided them as env vars for fdbbackup command before starting the backup process (tried with FDB_TLS_VERIFY_PEERS=Check.Valid=0 and without). However, I keep getting LibTLSErrorMessage=“certificate verification failed: unable to get local issuer certificate” error in the fdbbackup log and the following error on the command line:

ERROR: Could not create backup container: Operation timed out
ERROR: An error was encounter

I will greatly appreciate if anyone provides instructions as to how to set this up properly.

Note: I will not use TLS for cluster itself, just between backup_agent and s3.