Spam-trapping the activation email

(Josh Berkus) #1

Hey, I had some trouble with forum account activation because the email kept going to spam filtering.

The problem appears to be that the Cloudmark anti-spam service classifies “” as a known spam sender domain. If that’s true, lots of other users will have the same problem.

(Dave Lester) #2

Thanks for the report! I’ll dig into this and report back.

(Matt Palmer) #3

Hey Josh,

I’m with Discourse ops, and looking into what’s going on here. Any details you can share about what makes you think Cloudmark’s got a set against We keep an eye on sending reputation, and our usual sources of problem information (which claim, at least, to check Cloudmark’s blacklists) aren’t showing any problems with our domain or sending IPs.

If you could PM me full headers of one of the e-mails, that’d be helpful too, because to talk to Cloudmark directly I apparently need all sorts of details about the message(s) involved.