Where is the c tuple layer?

(Meai) #1

I am confused, the C api does mention it twice very quickly in a warning but not how to use it or where to find it. It doesnt seem to be its own project like the record and document layer.
It also isnt here:
It also doesnt seem to be in the fdb c headers. Right?
And when I look at design docs like this, it almost sounds like the tuple layer is more like a data format? I dont get it.

The other language tutorials seem to have docs on how to use their tuple layer but I dont know those languages that well and it takes a lot of effort for me to read them when I dont even want to use them anyway:

The word ‘tuple’ doesnt appear anywhere here:

(A.J. Beamon) #2

The Tuple layer isn’t implemented for the C bindings. The closest thing that I know of is a C++ implementation for the Flow bindings:

The tuple layer basically defines an encoding from tuples of various data types to keys, and many of the bindings provide an implementation to easily read and write these keys using this encoding.