Why Tuple Layer is not available for the C language binding?

The Tuple Layer is separately implemented for Python, Ruby, Java etc. The encoding of the tuple elements into a key is repeated in all those language bindings. Wouldn’t it be uniform and DRY if the Tuple Layer was implemented in C and all the other language bindings reused the C API?

Why was it avoided at the C API level? What are the challenges of implementing it in C?

Tuple is implemented in “flow” binding as well: foundationdb/bindings/flow at main · apple/foundationdb · GitHub, which is in C++.

Thanks for the link. Is there a documentation on how to use the Flow binding? I don’t see a readme file in there.

There is documentation on what flow is and higher-level information on the important keywords, but I was not able to find docs for Flow binding similar to the docs of Python binding?