7.1.33 official debian package missing Architecture metadata for amd64

7.1.33 debian packages are missing the Architecture metadata again, so they cannot be installed. This already happened some time ago: 6.3.24 official debian package missing Architecture metadata for amd64, thus not installing · Issue #6490 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub


not sure what has changed, cc @ammolitor

They can still be installed if you use --force-architecture but the missing architecture may break things like Ansible playbooks which use the apt module without a way to force the architecture.

@hbs, I’m receiving a libc6 dependency error on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS when using the --force-architecture flag.

root@fdb:~# dpkg -i --force-architecture foundationdb-clients_7.1.33-1_amd64.deb
dpkg: warning: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/control' near line 14 package 'foundationdb-clients':
 empty value for 'Architecture' field
dpkg: warning: overriding problem because --force enabled:
dpkg: warning: package architecture () does not match system (amd64)
Selecting previously unselected package foundationdb-clients.
(Reading database ... 39081 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack foundationdb-clients_7.1.33-1_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking foundationdb-clients (7.1.33) ...
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of foundationdb-clients:
 foundationdb-clients depends on libc6 (>= 2.12).

dpkg: error processing package foundationdb-clients (--install):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:
root@fdb:~# dpkg -s libc6
dpkg-query: warning: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 1886 package 'foundationdb-clients':
 missing 'Architecture' field
Package: libc6
Status: install ok installed
Priority: required
Section: libs
Installed-Size: 13592
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>
Architecture: amd64
Multi-Arch: same
Source: glibc
Version: 2.35-0ubuntu3.1
Replaces: libc6-amd64
Depends: libgcc-s1, libcrypt1 (>= 1:4.4.10-10ubuntu4)
Recommends: libidn2-0 (>= 2.0.5~), libnss-nis, libnss-nisplus
Suggests: glibc-doc, debconf | debconf-2.0, locales
Breaks: busybox (<< 1.30.1-6), fakeroot (<< 1.25.3-1.1ubuntu2~), hurd (<< 1:0.9.git20170910-1), ioquake3 (<< 1.36+u20200211.f2c61c1~dfsg-2~), iraf-fitsutil (<< 2018.07.06-4), libgegl-0.4-0 (<< 0.4.18), libtirpc1 (<< 0.2.3), locales (<< 2.35), locales-all (<< 2.35), macs (<<, nocache (<< 1.1-1~), nscd (<< 2.35), openarena (<< 0.8.8+dfsg-4~), openssh-server (<< 1:8.2p1-4), r-cran-later (<< 0.7.5+dfsg-2), wcc (<< 0.0.2+dfsg-3)
 /etc/ld.so.conf.d/x86_64-linux-gnu.conf d4e7a7b88a71b5ffd9e2644e71a0cfab
Description: GNU C Library: Shared libraries
 Contains the standard libraries that are used by nearly all programs on
 the system. This package includes shared versions of the standard C library
 and the standard math library, as well as many others.
Homepage: https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/libc.html
Original-Maintainer: GNU Libc Maintainers <debian-glibc@lists.debian.org>
Original-Vcs-Browser: https://salsa.debian.org/glibc-team/glibc
Original-Vcs-Git: https://salsa.debian.org/glibc-team/glibc.git
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This is also a problem for 7.3.5, and as @hb3b said, --force-architecture doesn’t work.

I’m having the same problem for 7.3.5 on Ubuntu 22.04.2 as well as the libc6 dependency error.

Any fixes for this?

--force-all did the trick for me.

Yep. --force-all does the trick.

I have the same issue on 7.1.35.
Editing the Debian control file and running dpkg -i worked for me. And prevents dpkg from complaining about unmet requirements
On Windows 11 WSL2 Ubuntu libc6 dependency was not met so I had to fix that too.

$ dpkg-deb -R foundationdb-clients_7.1.35-1_amd64.deb temp_dir
$ code temp_dir/DEBIAN/control
$ dpkg-deb -b temp_dir custom_fdb_clients_7.1.35-1_amd64.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i custom_fdb_clients_7.1.35-1_amd64.deb
dpkg-deb: building package 'foundationdb-clients' in 'custom_fdb_clients_7.1.35-1_amd64.deb'.

This is how the control file looks after setting the Architecture from blank to amd64:

Architecture: amd64
Depends: adduser, libc6 (>= 2.12)
Description: FoundationDB is a scalable, fault-tolerant, ordered key-value store with full ACID transactions.
 FoundationDB is a scalable, fault-tolerant, ordered key-value store
 with full ACID transactions.
Homepage: https://www.foundationdb.org
Maintainer: The FoundationDB Community
Package: foundationdb-clients
Priority: optional
Section: database
Version: 7.1.35
Installed-Size: 164663

FYI: Debian package missing Architecture metadata · Issue #10639 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub mentioned that builds after 7.1.35 and 7.3.13 will be fine.