Announcing the FoundationDB Online meetup!

Today, @amirouche and I are proud to announce the start of the FoundationDB Online Meetup :tada:

From :fr: to :globe_with_meridians:

@amirouche started the FDB Paris Meetup in 2020, and despite the location, we almost had no french-based session as people from all other the world were participating.

With our growing community, we also believe that many engineers have stories to tell about FoundationDB, and having recorded talks and discussions will greatly benefit the community.

These are the core motivations behind the rework of the Paris Meetup.

Our objective :rocket:

Our goal is to create a monthly, online, english-first meetup with 1 talk and a place to exchange afterwards about FDB. All the meetups will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Our first new session will be in January 2023, we will announce shortly our first talk.

Call for speakers :studio_microphone:

We are looking for speakers willing to talk about their work around FDB. If you are interested, please send a message to @amirouche and I about it and we will see how we can make it happen :grinning: