Fdbbackup to blobstore failed using blob_credentials

Hi All,

Trying to get fdbbackup working with a blobstore (in this case s3). First, I could get this to work by using the following command:

$ fdbbackup start -d "blobstore://<aws_api_key>:<aws_secret>@s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/test1?bucket=<my_bucket>&sc=0"

This works fine, I can see the backup marker created in my S3 bucket under backup prefix and the data for test1 created under data prefix.

The problem I’m facing is I’m unable to successfully complete the backup using --blob_credentials file. If I do the following:

$  fdbbackup start --blob_credentials aws_s3_creds.json -d "blobstore://<aws_api_key>@s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/test1?bucket=<my_bucket>&sc=0" 

I have the following result:

  1. The “marker” file (I’m assuming this is a marker since it’s a 0 sized file) is created, but
  2. The data is missing

Checking the status:

fdbbackup status

The backup on tag `default' is in progress to blobstore://<aws_api_key>@s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/test10?bucket=<my_bucket>&sc=0.
BackupUID: 2de7afb2bd35369ad538988461de1dc5
BackupURL: blobstore://<aws_api_key>@s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/test10?bucket=<my_bucket>&sc=0
Snapshot interval is 864000 seconds.  The initial snapshot is still running.

 LogBytes written - 0
 RangeBytes written - 0
 Last complete log version and timestamp        - 1279847190781, 2021/07/16.09:52:52+1000
 Last complete snapshot version and timestamp   - N/A, N/A
 Current Snapshot start version and timestamp   - 1279847190781, 2021/07/16.09:52:52+1000
 Expected snapshot end version and timestamp    - 1279847190781, 2021/07/16.09:52:52+1000
 Backup supposed to stop at next snapshot completion - Yes

Eventually I saw the following error:

Recent Errors (since initialization)
1.33 minute(s) ago : 'HTTP response code not received or indicated failure' on 'file_backup_write_logs_5.2'

I believe my credentials file format & content is correct because I can see this “marker” file is created and also if I do this:

$ fdbbackup list -b "blobstore://<aws_api_key>@s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com?bucket=<my_bucket>&sc=0" --blob_credentials aws_s3_creds.json 

returns my backup here (looks like just a list of files from the backup directory not the data directory)

Update: since creating this post I installed Minio in my local machine and did the same test. Interestingly I have the exact same issue: with the secret in the blobstore URL it works, but with the secret in blob_credetials file I can see the backup marker but not the actual backup.

Could anyone help?