Backup to blobstore get http error 403

I’m trying to backup fdb to aliyun oss blobstore, the cmd like this

fdbbackup start -t t1  -d "blobstore://" --log --knob_http_verbose_level=3

and i got

[63728d7dc73db036ebcf0619c194136d] HTTP starting HEAD /fdb-backup ContentLen:0
Request Header: Accept: application/xml
Request Header: Authorization: AWS LTAI5tE3oRXkiUFqHbSN2Wyh:gJBpjYPsZA7yxzmalTWEC77218o=
Request Header: Content-Length: 0
Request Header: Date: 20210802T075055Z
Request Header: Host:
[63728d7dc73db036ebcf0619c194136d] HTTP code=403 early=0, time=0.018209s HEAD /fdb-backup contentLen=0 [207 out, response content len 260]
[63728d7dc73db036ebcf0619c194136d] HTTP RESPONSE:  HEAD /fdb-backup
Response Code: 403
Response ContentLen: 260
Reponse Header: Connection: keep-alive
Reponse Header: Content-Length: 260
Reponse Header: Content-Type: application/xml
Reponse Header: Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2021 07:50:55 GMT
Reponse Header: Server: AliyunOSS
Reponse Header: x-amz-request-id: 6107A3DFBD82C93932CAE251


ERROR: Could not create backup container: HTTP response code not received or indicated failure
ERROR: An error was encountered during submission
Fatal Error: Backup error

I’m confused about this and can’t find the reason…

I replaced the aliyun oss with a minio and it works. So it seems it’s caused by aliyun oss.