FoundationDb fdbbackup to Azure Blob Store

Hi All,
I am using FoundationDb 7.1 (v7.1.9) and trying to setup for direct backup to azure blob store. I am using following command to run the backup
fdbbackup start -C /usr/local/etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster --log -d ‘blobstore://fdbbackuptest:<secret_key>’ -t test3

and I get
ERROR: Could not create backup container: HTTP response code not received or indicated failure
ERROR: An error was encountered during submission
Fatal Error: Backup error

The log file shows

Any pointer on what could be wrong or what I am missing? Does FDB7.1 provide native support to Azure blobstore?

I think currently only AWS S3 is well supported, there are some issues in the GitHub repository and one last piece to make fdbbackup work with other S3 compatible is this PR: Fix compatibility issue of s3 backup by wangzw · Pull Request #6348 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub (not merged). I’m not to familiar with Azure Blobstore but assuming it’s S3 compatible once the mentioned PR is merged into the 7.1 branch backups to Azure Blobstore should work.

edit you might be able to work around this limitation by using minio Using s3cmd and other Amazon S3-compatible apps with Azure Blob Storage - Microsoft Open Source Blog in this case you should use signature_v2 for minio and set --knob_http_request_aws_v4_header=false on the fddbbackup side to use the old signature version (see: foundationdb/backups.rst at main · apple/foundationdb · GitHub)


From what I have seen, the open-source minio has stopped supporting gateway many years ago. The Azure “marketplace” product of minio was the only option.

In addition, they are also deprecating the paid version (except for continuing to support existing customers)