ETA for Packages for 6.2.20?

I looked through Github and the Forums, but I couldn’t find an indicator of what the ETA for new .deb packages is after a release is cut. We’re currently waiting on 6.2.20 packages, as the fix in, which is included in, fixes the issue we saw in

When do you think the packages will be posted to


Usually after cutting a release, we like to do some additional validation on it before publishing. I think we’re happy with this release now, so we can proceed with publishing it. I’m not sure if it will go out today, but I would expect that it will go up sometime this week.

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Awesome, thanks for the quick reply, we’ll keep an eye out.

Just to confirm I am not overlooking it, there’s not an RSS feed or similar for when the packages are published?

No, but that and/or a fdb-release-announce mailing list is a good idea…


It looks like the 6.2.20 packages are up on the website now.

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Thanks for the update, we’ll work on testing the packages on our end this week