Is the 6.3.x series stable in July of 2020?


I started tinkering with FoundationDB earlier this week, beginning my adventures on the site’s Download page. The current default version on there is 6.2.20, which is where I started, only to later find a few more options (6.2.21, 6.2.21) hiding in the drop-down.

As I got underway with my tinker etcd layer, I noticed that 6.3 had some improvements in the Go bindings that were relevant to what I was doing (related to packing versioned tuples), but did not see 6.3 listed on the Downloads page. I also don’t see a 6.3 release announcement on the blog or on this forum’s Announcements category. I did see word of the 7.0 roadmap landing, and it seems like git master is where some of the early development for 7.x is happening (I think).

Coming back around to my question: is the 6.3.x series considered stable? If so: are there 6.3.x deb packages hiding somewhere that I missed?

6.3.x is not officially released yet. We are evaluating and testing it internally.
Once we are confident it is stable and use it for our data, we will release the stable one.

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That makes sense. Thanks, @mengxu.