FDBBACKUP duration, if modified, when it will take effect?

I am running fdbbackup in a continuous mode and using default duration of 864000s.
I have changed the duration to 3600 but I don’t see any new snapshot created.
sh-4.4$ fdbbackup status
The backup on tag `default’ is restorable but continuing to file:///var/backup_volume/backup-2023-07-25-19-46-59.778157.
BackupUID: 8c5a95110e6b39524698c68d54deea24
BackupURL: file:///var/backup_volume/backup-2023-07-25-19-46-59.778157
Snapshot interval is 3600 seconds. Current snapshot progress target is 49.26% (>100% means the snapshot is supposed to be done)

LogBytes written - 720892102
RangeBytes written - 1593961509
Last complete log version and timestamp - 2153660315559, 2023/08/21.15:59:11+0000
Last complete snapshot version and timestamp - 1728013314717, 2023/08/16.20:11:21+0000
Current Snapshot start version and timestamp - 1728013679409, 2023/08/16.20:11:21+0000
Expected snapshot end version and timestamp - 2592013679409, 2023/08/26.17:45:05+0000
Backup supposed to stop at next snapshot completion - No
Older Errors
1.12 day(s) ago : ‘Task execution stopped due to timeout, abort, or completion by another worker’ on ‘file_backup_write_logs_5.2’

Would the new duration take effect after the expected snapshot end version took place?