Fix Go docker-compose example

I was hoping to be able to contribute back to the repo to fix the golang example, as it currently tries to pull from a link that does not exist, and execute a bash script that does not exist.

It seems the repo is limited to only allowing collaborators to open a PR, so I’ll drop the link to my commit here hoping someone can carry it to it’s final destination :slight_smile:

This was tested by running in a Github Codespace and simply using docker compose up -d

Thanks! I’ve created Changes to allow golang example to work by jzhou77 · Pull Request #9975 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub from your commit.

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@danthegoodman , can you address the comment by removing FDB_WEBSITE in the PR (simply adding another commit to your branch)?

Just did! Remove unused FDB_WEBSITE arg in Dockerfile · danthegoodman1/foundationdb@36415a2 · GitHub