Fixing a race condition in the Go binding

Hi there,

I would like to submit a fix for this issue: Consider making shutting down without joining the network thread safe in the client · Issue #2978 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub

Which I can reproduce quite reliably through concurrent Go tests; is this the right place to ask for permissions to open PRs?

My preliminary version of the PR is on this branch, in case you want to check before granting permissions: GitHub - gm42/foundationdb at fix/network-goroutine-sigsegv


@ammolitor could you help here out?

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Created Go: simplify network start check logic by jzhou77 · Pull Request #11104 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub from @gm42 your branch.

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Thanks @jzhou! That change is beneficial but I doubt will actually fix the issue; I haven’t committed anything new yet because I am trying to get stacktraces with debug symbols to figure out precisely where it’s crashing.