Foundationdb RBAC

I am going over the git for RBAC and trying to understand how to use this? How can I grant a user read only access and read write and accordingly?

Can you extend your question? I’m not sure I understand what exactly you want to achieve. If you are talking about the FoundationDB cluster itself, this has nothing to do with Kubernetes RBAC. If you want to allow users to read the FoundationDBCluster resource in Kubernetes, you have to follow the steps from the official Kubernetes documentation: Using RBAC Authorization | Kubernetes.

For FoundationDB the only way to limit access is using TLS: + Transport Layer Security — FoundationDB 7.2, but to my knowledge there is no way to grant read-only access.

Hello @johscheuer , Basically what I am trying to achieve is, I would like certain group of users to only read the data in foundationdb and others or service account to read and write the data in foundationdb. Regardless of access to the FoundationDB cluster itself, I want to control the access granularity at application layer (Foundationdb).