Getting warnings using Go bindings on Mac "cgo-gcc-export-header-prolog:45:1: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]"

(John E) #1

Using go 1.12 with modules, I do the following.

	go get
	sudo installer -pkg FoundationDB-6.0.18.pkg -target /

And then go build ouput is this

go build
In file included from _cgo_export.c:4:
cgo-gcc-export-header-prolog:45:1: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]
cgo-gcc-export-header-prolog:46:1: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment]

Are warnings a known issue?

macOS Mojave 10.14.3

(Gregory Bryant) #2

Hi were you able to resolve this issue I’m having the same issue?

(Alec Grieser) #3

Are these warnings causing problems for you, or is it just that you’re worried about the warnings themselves?

I think they come from the fact that we use multi-line comments in our CGO headers (see: I’m not entirely sure why we do this (instead of multiple single-line comments). This warning appears to be asymptomatic, but maybe we should switch to using single-line comments any way.

(Alec Grieser) #4

I filed an issue about this: