GitHub issue and pull request templates

GitHub offers the ability to create templates for both new issues and pull requests. @gkarthiks recently contributed a pull request adding an issue template, but before reviewing this I wanted to kick off a brief community discussion on the topic.

Any feedback or ideas on using GitHub templates?

I’m largely asking, because creating and responding to GitHub issues is often one of the earliest points of interaction between individual contributors and the project. It’d be great to make this as clear as possible.

In our contributor guidelines we describe how we encourage use of the forums for technical discussion, user questions, and feature requests. And while some folks have still opened issues that may be better on the forums, folks seem generally responsive to requests to move discussion over here. Thus far we’ve had over 100 forum posts. But it would be nice if the issue template could further nudge or prompt contributors to engage in the right place.

Two questions come to mind related to issue templates:

  1. If we created multiple issue templates, what would they be? Bug reports, and dev tasks?
  2. What key info should we ask within the template?
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