How to run fdbbackup against COS?


Now I am trying to run fdbbackup against COS storage, the COS configuration as following:

COS info: {
“apikey”: “xxxxxx”,
“cos_hmac_keys”: {
“access_key_id”: “xxxxxx”,
“secret_access_key”: “xxxxxx”
“endpoints”: “”,
“iam_apikey_description”: “Auto-generated for key 2be4885e-04cc-4364-b6e2-24fe56091b29”,
“iam_apikey_name”: “SnowflakeCoS”,
“iam_role_crn”: “crn:v1:bluemix:public:iam::::serviceRole:Writer”,
“iam_serviceid_crn”: “xxxxx”,
“resource_instance_id”: “xxxxx”

And fdbbackup parameters as following:


api_key - API key to use for authentication. Optional.
secret - API key’s secret. Optional.
security_token - Security token if temporary credentials are used. Optional.
hostname - Remote hostname or IP address to connect to
port - Remote port to connect to. Optional. Default is 80.

I wonder what parameters in fdbbackup map to the configuration in COS?
e.g api_key map to which configuration? secret map to which configuration? security_token map to which configuration? Thanks!

Check this post, which might provide all the details you need: