Multi-tenancy backup failure using FDB 7.1.9

We are using multi-tenancy feature of FDB, when we try to backup the current cluster and then restore in the new cluster, we find that the tenant information is lost but the tenant data still exists, is this a known issue?

FDB version

FoundationDB 7.1 (v7.1.9)
source version 8321c6f16d70631df921b4edebb50ccc23f389b3
protocol fdb00b071010000

backup describe

fdbbackup describe -d file:///fdb_backups/backup-2022-09-27-12-59-40.956509
URL: file:///fdb_backups/backup-2022-09-27-12-59-40.956509
Restorable: true
Partitioned logs: false
Snapshot:  startVersion=4143043588 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)  endVersion=4143043588 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)  totalBytes=157  restorable=true  expiredPct=0.00
SnapshotBytes: 157
MinLogBeginVersion:      4143005867 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
ContiguousLogEndVersion: 4163005867 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
MaxLogEndVersion:        4163005867 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
MinRestorableVersion:    4143043588 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
MaxRestorableVersion:    4163005866 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)

backup cluster

restore cluster

Yes this is a known limitation. Backup and restore of tenant metadata is not supported in FDB 7.1. It was implemented recently and will first appear in FDB 7.3.

BTW, this PR will solved it. Stay tuned.

When do we plan to release FDB 7.3?