Not able to list the backup from S3

I have taken backup using following command successfully. It created two folders /data/fdb-backup and /backups/fdb-backup under the bucket name provided. If I run the following command lets say twice I can see two files under /data/fdb-backup-snapshots but when i run the list command as follows it simply return to the prompt without showing the backups list.

I want to test restore using specific file under /data/fdb-backup/snapshots so not sure how i specify the specific snapshot file as I can’t event list these backups.

Backup Command:-
fdbbackup start -d “blobstore:// name&sc=0”

List Comand
fdbbackup list -b “blobstore:// name&sc=0”

Can someone please help here please …for last 3-4 hrs i tried but not luck to get the list command work .

Never mind with trial and error i have figure out the solution on how to use s3 . If anyone need help on the same they can ping me .