Notarization of nodejs binary breaks bindings - cannot find libfdb_c library

We’re running into an issue where nodejs bindings can no longer locate libfdb_c.dylib with newer builds of node.

The problem shows up on nodejs builds with notarization turned on - apparently a notarized binary can only access dynamic libraries in system directories. I imagine this will impact the other bindings too once python/ruby/mono/etc turn on notarization.

I’d appreciate some thoughts on the right way to proceed here - especially since FDB is maintained by apple too :stuck_out_tongue:.

(Affected node versions: 13.12.0+, 12.16.2+, 10.20.0+. The problem can be worked around by either setting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib or copying libfdb_c.dylib to the working directory from which node is invoked.)

This has been reported by others too in the forum : Fdb-java on macOS catalina throwing error Library not loaded: libfdb_c.dylib