Point in time restore after a cold dr-based backup

Because the point-in-time restore is a must have feature in a production environment, but the standard way of full restore takes huge time, I’m trying to implement a hybrid restore approach:

  1. Have a running DR cluster
  2. Have a running continous backup
  3. Periodically (weekly?) make a cold copy of the DR cluster
  4. For restoring the database to any version
    4.1. Restory a copy of DR site somewere without running dr agents
    4.2. Detach this DR copy with fdbrestore abort --cleanup --dstonly (the last option has been introduced in Detach a Clone of DR Site without Affecting Replication to the Original DR Site by oleg68 · Pull Request #3483 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub)
    4.3 Make an incremental restore from the snapshot version to the required version with fdbrestore --incremental --begin_version <Snapshot Version>

FDB version 6.3 is still under development, so I need to use 6.2 in a production environment.
But fdb 6.2 still lacks:

  1. An easy way to determine the snapshot version Provide log version information to fdbdr status by oleg68 · Pull Request #4274 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub
  2. –dstonly PR#3483 has been merged to 6.3, but not to 6.2

For (1) I’m planning to make a PR that will add displaying the synch version to fdbdr status command.

Will be possible to merge them to 6.2?