Snowflake Entity Layer

I was wondering if there are any publicly available resources (papers, blog posts, videos) that describes Snowflake’s Entity Layer?

The only information that I could find was a mention at 10:22 from FDB Summit Presentation.

Snowflake and Apple have the most operational expertise with FoundationDB.

Before embarking on layer development on top of Tokio/Rust bindings, I wanted to make sure I’ve learned as much as possible from existing prior-art.

With Record Layer, its bit easier. :slight_smile:

The areas where I am looking to gain some insight about Snowflake’s Entity Layer are around: Type System, How schema migration is handled and Index Maintenance.

Also I am very open to design level contributions/suggestions that I can get from existing layer developers.

If you think Tokio/Rust might be something that you might adopt in the future and would like to shape the design for your needs as well, please let me know! :slight_smile: