Status of backup process, new design, and getting involved


I am trying to follow along the development work on the fdbbackup, particularly the changes described here . I see this is now in 6.3 branch & master enabled with -p argument. I am researching where I could potentially help / get involved. I am also planning to write some tools to read the backup export files following those format descriptions - most probably in Go, so it is important that I am not trying to catch up with a format going obsolete in a few weeks. I also read somewhere (in a different context) that backup files created using file::// local disk backup urls are not compatible with those created using blobstore:// but I couldn’t find any specifics.

If anyone has any more documentation, other 3rd party attempts/libraries, or pointers to send my way, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

There is the -p switch for making a backup but unfortinally the restore from this backup is not yet possible FDB 6.3 performant restore - #11 by mengxu.

The documentation of backup format is here foundationdb/ at master · apple/foundationdb · GitHub