Upgrading Foundationdb 7.0.0+

With the release of the 7.0.0 (and following versions)

Did the recommended upgrade procedure remain the same ?

  • overwrite binaries (or symlink to binaries)
  • kill all processes from fdbcli
  • wait for fdbmonitor to restart them

Also another question - in regards to multi-region setup - do we also have to atomically restart processes on all the region at the same time or we can stage this operation ?

(example restart process in region 1, then after everything is done restart in second region?

Link to the known procedure below.

The procedure to upgrade your cluster to 7.0.0 or 7.1+ is still the same as before. If you want to upgrade you cluster you should make use of 7.1.6 (or newer) since the older version had a bug in fdbcli kill (revert "kill" command to previous 7.0 behavior by sfc-gh-etschannen · Pull Request #7149 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub) that could lead to some issues during the kill command.

In a multi-region setup you have to upgrade all processes “at once” otherwise the other region is not able to communicate with the upgraded processes.