Using ephemeral disks with Kubernetes operator

The wiki page on Running-FoundationDB-in-the-Cloud recommends ephemeral disks.

For most deployments, this is probably what you want.

However, I could not find an option to use ephemeral disks in the Kubernetes operator. Is this supported somehow?

The operator already supports that by defining a StorageClass in your cluster that is backed by a Local Persistent Volume (Kubernetes 1.14: Local Persistent Volumes GA | Kubernetes). In the process settings you can define a VolumeClaimTemplate, that template can point to a specific StorageClass (otherwise a default one will be used) that will make use of the LPV. If you want to use LPVs for all processes you can use the “general” process key otherwise use a more specific one. Stateless processes won’t create a PVC so you don’t have to worry about them.

I hope that helped.

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