Where do I find "backup_agent.debug"?

Hi, I was trying to look into the backup agent file handle leak (Backup Agent Leaking handles in CLOSE_WAIT) and wanted to try running some of the Net2RunLoopTrace addr2line lookups, like:

<Event Severity="20" Time="1638067585.958872" Type="Net2RunLoopTrace" ID="0000000000000000" TraceTime="1638067585.941422" Trace="addr2line -e backup_agent.debug -p -C -f -i 0x7f0b2531d730 0x7f0b2531a5a1 0xb618ff 0xb62ff8 0x855b72 0x4c88aa 0x7f0b24fe609b 0x4d5905" Machine="" LogGroup="default" />

However I’m not sure where to find the backup_agent.debug file? I’m on 6.3.15, the fdb_6.3.15-debug.tar.gz download from the Downloads page contains debug files for fdbserver, fdbcli, and fdbbackup, but not backup_agent. I tried running it on fdbserver.debug and fdbbackup.debug in case it was packaged weirdly but the results didn’t make sense, so guessing I’m missing the file?

I downloaded the latest debug binaries (6.3.22) and I don’t see a backup_agent.debug there either.

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backup_agent is the same binary as fdbbackup, so I would expect you to be able to use the symbol file fdbbackup.debug to get a backtrace. If that isn’t working, then something might be wrong with fdbbackup.debug or there may be some sort of version mismatch.

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