Contributing to FDB Operator - PRs limited to collaborators

I am trying to submit a PR with a patch but PRs are now restricted to collaborators. Could you let me know how to proceed?

Hi Manuel, thanks for asking here. We’ve recently been required to be more cautious with automatic building of PRs. This (contributor only PR creation) is an extreme mechanism to make sure that we do not allow untrusted actors to kick off builds in our CI system. I’m working on building something nicer, but it needs more time.

I see that you are a previous contributor (Thanks!) I’ve just sent over an invite to add you to the fdb-kubernetes-operator repo.

This process will stand in the medium term and if anyone else happens across this issue. Please reach out (via these forums, or the community slack) and I’m glad to make an accommodation for contributors.

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Thank you very much for the quick response.

I would update with the current status. Otherwise it is a bit confusing since the document says PRs for minor changes are welcome.
Maybe add a note saying collaborator status is required for x and y. And how to get the access if legit contributions are available.

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