December 9th Seattle Exploration


(Alex Miller) #1

Hi folks!

Some of us us are arriving early for the summit, and thus have Sunday free. For anyone interested in some pre-conference socialization, I’d like to suggest that we meet up and be touristy together. I was roughly thinking meeting for an 11AM brunch, and then heading off to some museums. I’ll put together and post a concrete plan once I’ve settled into my hotel tonight.

Has anyone has previously been to Seattle and have brunch or sightseeing recommendations?

(David Scherer) #2

My flight will land in Seattle around 11am Sunday. I might be up for some sightseeing. I’ve stayed a night in Seattle before but never really seen it that I can recall.

(Alex Miller) #3

My plan is to…

and I imagine this will end with dinner and drinks somewhere nearby. I’ll update this thread as we progress from location to location. Feel free to send me a message to get contact information.

(Alex Miller) #4

We’re on our way to chihuly gardens now.

(Alex Miller) #5

Glass is cool.

We’re on our way to museum of pop culture.

(Clement Pang) #6

Sounds fun, just landed though, see u guys tonight

(Alex Miller) #7

The museum party has disbanded. Thanks to those that came!

(Christophe Chevalier) #8

Thanks for organizing it !