GDPR and other suggestions

(Jeremy) #1

Awesome, I am using CockroachDB for now because I need easy scalling.
It would be great to:

  • Add support for GDPR
  • NodeJS driver (I saw some talk about it here but I wanted to show my support)
  • Benchmark on a smaller scale (3, 5, 7 nodes), because not everyone plans on using 400 cores out of the box

I also heard SQL performance suffer, it would be interesting to address those and benchmark it and compare to other NoSQL databases

I also heard Apple didn’t actually used FoundationDB because of some limitations. Huh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have an amazing day!

(Will Wilson) #2

I don’t work at Apple and thus have no idea whether Apple is using FoundationDB. However it would seem to strain credulity that they would be paying a large team of experts to actively develop it if they weren’t also using it.

(Dave Lester) #3

Howdy! You bring up a few points, so I’ll try to respond to each of them. In the future it may be worth starting individual threads for each.

Can you elaborate on what requirements you have for GDPR, or the specifics you’re looking for?

Re: benchmarking, this documentation may be useful if you’re interested in doing some performance testing:

Re: your question of use, Apple does use FoundationDB and the team is growing. If you or others are interested in joining the engineering team, you can reach out to

Re: NodeJS, there’s a thread on the forums that you may wish to chime-in on.

(Jeremy) #4

Duly noted for making multiple posts.

For GDPR, if we could attach ‘eu’ for example, data marked with region: ‘eu’ would be stored (and replicated) only on EU serveurs. I foundCockroachDB and their geo-partitionning feature looks great but it is a premium feature. I think a feature that makes you complient with the law should be included - I mean, database is to store data but you would disobey some laws doing so.

Thanks for confirming that Apple is indeeed using this. I read multiple comments about that fact and I was just interested in the truth instead of spreading false information.

Yes, the nodejs driver is comming :slight_smile: - It was mainly to show my interest in it.

Thanks for the time you took to reply to this and for sharing your wisdom :slight_smile: