How to install and run from local build

The getting started page (mac) shows how to use fdb if it is installed using the downloaded installer
It does not show how to get started after building from sources.
I am able to build from sources on my mac. I see binaries created in my fdbbuild/bin folder.

How can I start FDB from the bin folder for local development?

The easiest way is to run this script, e.g., under your fdbbuild/ directory

# ../src/foundationdb/tests/loopback_cluster/ .  --stateless_count 4 --stateless_taskset 0xf --logs_count 8 --storage_count 10 --logs_taskset 0xff0 --storage_taskset 0xffff000
# bin/fdbcli -C ./loopback-cluster/fdb.cluster --exec 'status json' > json

The first command starts the cluster and initialize the database. The second command gets the “status json” into a file.

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Thanks a lot… I tried it… I got the below error when I ran … :frowning:

Starting Cluster:  test1:testdb1@
../foundationdb/tests/loopback_cluster/ line 43: taskset: command not found
../foundationdb/tests/loopback_cluster/ line 43: taskset: command not found

configure new ssd single - stand by
../foundationdb/tests/loopback_cluster/ line 43: taskset: command not found

WARNING: Long delay (Ctrl-C to interrupt)

The database is unavailable; type `status' for more information.

Could you please advise how to generate the installer and/or install as a service from the binaries


I found a post about packaing and found the command cpack

I tried it. It is creating tar.gz. I tried cpack -G STGZ. It created .sh file.

can someone please advise how do I create a osx installer?

:thinking: :face_with_monocle: my part time quest continues…