Regarding issue faced in fdbbackup

I get the foundationdb source code from GitHub and generated the binary, but some of the binaries are missed out (backup_agent, fdbrestore). What are the steps I have to do to generate those binaries?

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What steps are you taking to compile them? The binaries you mentioned are actually created as symbolic links to the fdbbackup binary. Do you have that one?

@ajbeamon @alexmiller
I followed these steps to generate those binaries…

   docker run -it -v '/local/dir/path/foundationdb:/docker/dir/path/foundationdb' dockerfile /bin/bash

   cd /docker/dir/path/foundationdb


after running these commands, I get these binaries fdbserver, fdbcli, fdbmonitor, fdbbackup only.

What I have to do, to get backup_agent, fdbrestore, fdbdr binaries.

On my mac, the missing binaries are all symlinks to binary backup_agent
You would have only one backup related binary generated, rest of the backup related tools symlink to it.

@gaurav just for clarification whether you installed the foundationdb or these binaries generated using the github source code.

It doesn’t look like the default make target creates the symlinks, but you can get them by running make packages.