Taking FDB cluster backup in multiple disks

We are trying to take a backup of a multi-TB cluster (~3-4 TB) but can’t seem to find an option in the fdbbackup command to specify a list of backup URLs. No one disk for us has as much capacity that we can take the entire backup on it. So we would ideally like to specify 3-4 disk locations, each ~1.5TB in size, for the entire cluster backup to be spread across. How can we go about achieving this?

@SteavedHams, @mengxu for comments.

Backup/Restore does not currently accept multiple URLS for a single backup or restore job.

The easiest way backup/restore to multiple local disks right now is perhaps to use MinIO to present an S3-like interface to one or more disks on one or more hosts and then use a blobstore:// URL for Backup/Restore.

MinIO is open source and pretty easy to use.