is there any documentation for downgrade procedure or what is the rollback procedure if upgrade fails for some reason, we are plannign to ugrade from -6.1.8 to 6.2.28

Downgrades are currently supported starting in release 6.3 (i.e. you can downgrade to a version >= 6.3). In addition, there is currently work going into a 6.2 patch release to support downgrading from 6.3 to 6.2. However, downgrading a full minor version to 6.1 and below is not something that is supported or tested.

so what is out current option in case we want to roll back from 6.2 to 6.1. like we need to backup and restore ?

While I can’t say this is actually tested, the backup format did not change from 6.1 to 6.2 so this should work.

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Hi! Any idea when 6.2.33 will be released? We’d like to upgrade to 6.3 but need to test rollback first.


It sounds like we aren’t likely to release any more patches for 6.2. If you are comfortable building FoundationDB yourself, you could build the commit tagged with 6.2.33 and use it.