What is the meaning of expire_before_timestamp and restorable_after_timestamp?

I am running the fdbbackup expire command:
fdbbackup expire -d file:///data/fdbbak/backup-2022-04-05-06-21-15.479382 --expire_before_timestamp “2022/04/07.10:04:36-0400” --restorable_after_timestamp “2022/04/07.10:07:56-0400”, the command always prompt the following error message:

ERROR: Requested expiration would be unsafe. Backup would not meet minimum restorability. Use --force to delete data anyway.
Fatal Error: Cannot expire requested data from backup without violating minimum restorability

But if I remove the option restorable_after_timestamp, the command can pass. So I wonder what is the relationship between expire_before_timestamp and restorable_after_timestamp, anyone can help me on this? Thanks!