When will fdb 7.3 be officially released as a production version?

Is any time scheduled?

Maybe @jzhou can answer your question about official release plans, but Snowflake is already using a variation of 7.3 in production, from the snowflake/release-71.3 branch which was created from main some time prior to release-7.3.

We have almost validated 7.3. Maybe in another couple of weeks, after we roll out to production clusters, we’ll mark 7.3 as production release.


Tag 7.3.27 marked as latest. It’s mean that is stable release now?
When documentation will be updated? Current documentation don’t cover all features from latest release,
for example blob granule.

Does 7.3 also contain the improvement of 7.2., e.g.:
Read-aware Data Distribution feature is developed for balance the read bytes bandwidth among storage servers

When can we expect a stable production-ready version of Foundationdb 7.3.X?

Any release news? @jzhou

7.3.27 is stable and runs in a few clusters in production. However, we know there is a problem of missing client metrics (no server side issues), which we are actively investigating. Once solved, we’ll mark a new release as the latest stable version and start wider rollout.


@jzhou - Any news relating to the 7.3.X release version? Which version is considered as the stable, production-ready for teams to deploy?