Which version are recommended for production 7.1/7.2/7.3?

What version do experts recommended for new deployment?
7.1 looks like stable, but documentation available only for 7.2 but not for all features.

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7.1 is the stable version recommended for production use.

7.2 and 7.2 are pre-releases right now. See Releases · apple/foundationdb · GitHub

What about Redwood, it’s still experimental?
I read in other thread, that Snowflake’s developer are planning in 7.3 remove flag “experimental”.

Yes, I’ve heard Snowflake has used Redwood in production. @SteavedHams should know the status and when the flag “experimental" can be removed.

@jzhou is correct, and just to summarize Redwood’s status with some more details:

  • Redwood is stable for production use starting with FDB 7.1

    • Redwood’s name in this version is ssd-redwood-1-experimental.
    • The experimental suffix is because prior to this release Redwood had not been used significantly in production deployments, but since then it has (more info below) so this release of Redwood is now considered production ready.
  • Redwood’s canonical name changes in FDB 7.3 and Snowflake’s snowflake/release-71.3 branch to drop the experimental suffix.

    • Redwood’s canonical name is ssd-redwood-1 in these and future releases.

    • The old name ssd-redwood-1-experimental is still supported in configure commands after the rename and it acts as a direct alias for the canonical ssd-redwood-1 name.

    • The canonical name is always used in the output of status commands.

  • Snowflake has been using Redwood in production continuously since August 2022 starting with FDB 7.1.

    • Snowflake’s production Redwood use includes clusters using Redwood as their configured storage engine as well as clusters using SQLite with Redwood as the TSS Storage Engine which shadows a SQLite instance and executes all the same writes and reads with verification against SQLite.

    • No data corruption, data loss, wrong-result, or TSS verification errors have been encountered in any production or QA clusters at Snowflake.

    • No performance or stability issues have been encountered. Redwood reliably provides higher throughput and lower latency vs SQLite while using less CPU and IOPS.


Do you have a timeline for considering 7.2 or 7.3 “stable”?

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@jzhou I see that 7.1 hasn’t been released in a while, is there any plan to release 7.1.34?

Looking at that link now, is it correct to say 7.3.27 is the latest stable version?
Release Release 7.3.27 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub

However, looking at the release notes here, Release Notes — FoundationDB 7.2, 7.2.0 appears to be the latest stable version.